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Learning Pods

At we are dedicated to:

1. Keeping kids & teachers healthy without compromising children's education.

2. Keeping schools funded by ensuring that students are enrolled.

3. Showing that learning pods can be for all families, not only the “rich”.

A Learning Pod is a small group of families which work together to ensure that their children receive a great education while schools are closed. This website is a free service which allows parents to connect with other parents. You don't have to figure this out alone!

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Working parents. Full-time parents.

By joining a small group of families to pool resources, your child can have a great education and your family can stay healthy! The main idea is to have 4-6 kids form a pod together with an adult to supervise their learning. If you are a full-time parent, you might be able to earn an income (or just help) by taking care of one extra child. Here are a few examples of pod structures:

1. With 5 kids in a pod (and 10 parents), each parent will need to facilitate the children's learning for 1 day every other week. The financial cost of this would be $0 per kid per month.

2. With 5 kids in a pod and hiring a nanny for $15/hr* for 4 hours a day, the cost would be $240 per kid per month.

3. With 5 kids in a pod and hiring a teacher for $35/hr* for 3 hours a day, the cost would be $420 per kid per month.

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* based on average salaries for these occupations in Texas



Below is a sample of the parents location map. Note that you will only gain access to the map with contact details if you are a parent and have signed up.

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Stronger Together ATX is a great resource for community:


Here are some resources that might help:

1. is good for finding nannies and sitters.

2. You can find tutors on

3. Here's an article that might help if you are thinking about starting your own pod:

3 things you should know when starting a pod

4. Click below to get a sample Covid-19 Parental Agreement that might help you talk through things with other parents and caregivers.

Sample Parental Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why join a pod?

Social isolation is not healthy for children and e-learning can be difficult to navigate. Luckily you don't have to place your child in an emotionally unhealthy position to keep them (and you) safe from Covid-19.

How can a pod be free?

A pod can be free if parents take turns in caring for the children. You don't have to teach, just make sure they follow their online courses and do their homework (much the same as what you're already doing!). If a pod has 5 children, that usually means 10 parents (could be more or less depending on personal circumstances). With 5 days in a week, this means that each parent needs to mentor the children one day every other week. Not ideal, we know, but a lot better than trying to do that 5 days a week...

How does this work?

1. You join the community by sharing some basic information with other parents (name, email, school district, etc).
2. Your information is displayed on a Google map together with that of other parents (only parents who have joined will be able to see your info). This allows you to find other families that you think might be a match for your family.
3. You can now connect with other parents to set up or join a pod.
4. After you have found a pod, or your pod is full, you can edit your response from the link in the initial Google Forms confirmation email.

Why should I keep my child enrolled in our public school?

Schools get funded based on the amount of children enrolled. In order to remain enrolled, your child will need to follow your school's curriculum and follow their online learning program. The short of it is if you want your local school to still be there when this is over, keep your child enrolled

Who will gain access to my information?

Your data will only be shared with other parents who have joined the community. In order to protect your privacy, there is a long url in place for the map. In addition to this, we don't ask for your address, only for your zipcode and these are randomly offset so that a marker will appear in a random place within your neighborhood.

What happens if I'm an essential worker?

If you're an essential worker you might not be able to adhere to very strict Covid-19 requirements. But don't worry. Many families have a parent who is an essential worker and even if they don't, they are sympathetic to families who do. We're confident that you'll be able to find a family who is a great match for you!

Why isn't my information showing on the map?

The map is updated every 24 hours. You are still able to see other parents' information. Please check back with us tomorrow!

How should I go about choosing another family to "pod" with?

Just like you've made every decision regarding your children: use your sound judgement - you can do this! E-mail to get a first feel for the family you're contacting. Do a background check if you feel uncertain. Set up a zoom, visit their home (socially distancing of course), take some time, think about things and then make a decision.

Where can I find the map?

The link to the map is only shared with parents who have filled out their information. We do this to protect your privacy. If you've filled out the form and lost your link, please contact us below.

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